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Powered by Google,  Pixate  is another prototyping platform that allows web designers to test out mobile interaction designs, animations, and wireframes for Android or iOS devices. Create  a  site   online   store When in Pixate , you are able to create interface layouts in the form of layers — akin to most graphic design suites — and individual animations through a simple drag and drop function. While these are great to have, what makes Pixate truly useful is its ability to map simulated tactile interactions to these animations through pre-configured options including  tap, drag, and double tap.  Once you're happy with your prototype, you can deploy and test it on an Android or iOS device. Google has also done a great job of reducing the learning curve with Pixate. Once you get Pixate up and running, check out their  in-depth documentation and tutorials offered online to learn the basics of creating your first prototype.

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Origami  is a Facebook-owned prototyping tool that has been used to create mockups for several apps including Instagram, Messenger, and Paper. While predominantly used for iOS apps due to its integration with Apple's Quartz Composer, Origami also supports the development of interactive Android prototypes. The tool offers designers a suite of gestures and transition animations common to mobile UI patterns — many of which are available via  downloadable sample files . Create  a  site   online   store Origami offers a couple of useful features for interactive prototyping, including plugins for Sketch and Photoshop as well as an extensive documentation library complete with forums, video tutorials, and guides. My personal favourite, however, is its "Export to Code" feature. This option lets you convert your visual design into written code samples for iOS, Android, or web. This allows you to share animation spec snippets with engineers with just a click of a button. You can qu
Marvel  is a great browser-based prototyping tool that excels in its ability to simplify the prototyping process. As soon as you've signed up for your Marvel account, you're immediately dropped into the interface and can begin creating your first prototype. From there, you can easily upload your image files into Marvel and start adding gestures and transitions. The platform supports direct uploading of certain image file types including PSD, GIF, and JPG, as well as third party uploading via Google Drive, Sketch, or Dropbox.   Create  a  site   online   store Marvel's mobile companion app is probably the tool's coolest feature. If you're a designer who loves starting projects on paper, the app can turn your sketches into prototypes just by taking a photo. Your photos are automatically synced with your Marvel account, allowing you to quickly create mockups to experiment with before even designing a single layout in Photoshop or Sketch. Not only is Marvel simple to u

Functionality to create web and mobile wireframes within the platform itself

If you are looking for an all-in-one prototyping tool, look no further than  Justinmind . What makes this particular tool unique is that it offers the functionality to create web and mobile wireframes within the platform itself. You just need to select the design elements you want to include and create them in your artboard. Create  a  site   online   store Once you are happy with your layout, you can add mobile gestures, web interactions, and transitions from Justinmind's extensive library of pre-existing widgets. The widget library is tailored to the device template you select on the onset of your project, and can include elements such as interactive buttons, checkboxes, lists, and even parallax layouts. There are tons of other  widget packs available for download  on their site to ensure your library is as stacked as you need it to be. The sophistication of Justinmind might throw off some beginner prototypers, but there are many educational resources to help you get started if y

Сreate highly interactive mockups for web and mobile projects

InVision is a web-based prototyping tool that allows designers to create highly interactive mockups for web and mobile projects. While you can't create designs directly within InVision itself, you can upload your static page designs into the tool and then add hotspots to transform them into fully interactive mockups. Additionally, InVision has the ability to sync with your Photoshop or Sketch documents, allowing you to update your prototype in real-time within your design suite program of choice. Create  a  site   online   store   In terms of features, InVision has a wide array of valuable tools to facilitate your workflow including preview mode, comments, version control, and file syncing. It also offers a variety of transition animations and mobile gestures (swiping, tapping, etc.) that can help bring your design to life. One of my favourite features in InVision is its ability to create hover states for any design element. This allows your prototype to be even more representative