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10 Web Design Tools to Discover Beautiful Fonts for Your Next Project

Most designers have a personalized toolkit of go-to resources that they rely on for each web design project. Each tool is special to the designer and is valued for its unique qualities — some act as the source of creative inspiration while others are key components of the design and development workflow. While it's easy to stay loyal to the same set of resources, creativity demands that we stray from the status quo. Lucky for us, countless new design tools and resources are released each month which can help freshen up our design process. With that in mind, we've created a series of articles dedicated on showcasing trending, emerging, and unknown web design resources. This week we're sharing a handpicked list of typography tools that will help you discover the perfect fonts for your upcoming web design projects. Create your own online store? It's simple! A self-described "Tinder for font pairing," Font Flame is a simple application that helps web designers dis